what a shame !

Playconquer , is a big community , it was always Rank 2 in its worst time 3 on extreme top 100 , i really wanna know in ur guys (GM's) opinion what makes a player now play the game ? specially newbies ? CS is off since year or something, u said about botters and we need only CS IN ARENA we don't need poker CS.., EPK ,CTF and GW etc.. what i do with dbs and arena points bla bla bla in a Private server ?! , what makes me vote for 750 ? that isn't worthy .. the game need to be recycled , and re modulated if u really care for the game , just re think about it .. Gouki is doing his best but it isn't enough , u can hire someone and collect them from us ( BULKERS ) , and we are totally agreed , inform us with details and i will start personally to extra donate for ur guys server.. ConquerOnline is making updates weekly i guess and u guys aren't less than them , they suck , but their events and support they pull the players day by day .. and we are going worst day by day ..

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how much can you afford for hiring a programmer for a server like PLAYCONQUER :D
Gouki has nothing to do with game development the devs themselves aren't giving the game much effort as they did in 2015/2016/2017
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