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wish you all a good day
hope you read it all Gouki
i will suggest you some thing
first the game need to get a lot of new players by ads or anything else
second we need events at least 2 in month
third you can make like conquer online by having Distributor specially in countries like Egypt, Brazil , Spain but specially Egypt
the country which CO gain 2 million dollars monthly from Egypt only you can use the poker and gain more money i will tell you how
for example the 1KKK in Egypt for 1500 Distributor okay but the Distributor sell it for player for 1800 LE he will get 300 LE for it he will make sure that alot of new players came to the game to sell more money to gain more and you will gain more that will make the game not empty in all servers
cause most of Egyptians play it because of poker
and thank you