Tailed Beast

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Tailed Beast

Tailed Beast is newly introduced to the game as a pet accompanying players, and also nicely enhance their attributes.

Players equipped with 5 Runes at the same time can activate this system and adopt their first Tailed Beast. The 5 Runes should include 1 Red Rune, 1 Blue Rune, and 3 Yellow Runes, without level limitation.

New UI
Character interface will be improved upon activation of the Tailed Beast system.
The display box of BP will change as your Tailed Beast is activated and upgraded.
The character display will also change with the activation and upgrading of your Tailed Beast.

New Shadow
Special Shadow light will be attached to your character when you carry a Tailed Beast along with you. Different Tailed Beasts present different Shadow lights. The stronger the Tailed Beast, the more splendid the light effect.

New Rune Slot
After activating the Tailed Beast system, you will find two extra slots to be unlocked in the Rune interface.
You can get one slot unlocked when your Tailed Beast reaches P2, and the other one unlocked when it reaches P5.
When the two extra slots are unlocked, you can place Yellow Runes in.

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