Realm and Cross Server has returned!

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Dear players,

With the corona virus separating us from each other, we will now bring you back together.

The Realm (and Cross-Server activity) has returned!
This includes features such as Cross Server Capture The Flag, Poker, Arena, talking and visiting your friends on other servers.
The server is hosted in Germany, Europe.

Please keep in mind that this is a trial run of the Realm activity. We will be monitoring your feedback and bugs if encountered.

Cross Server Capture Flag is held on Friday at 21:00 UTC.
Visit NPC [Cross-Server CTF]CS-CTF-Manager at 320,324 in Twin City for more information.
Cross Server Poker can be accessed using the Poker button on the client interface using Instant Play. Sit & Go and Tournaments may be added in the future.

Realm guide:
Cross Server Capture The Flag guide:

Happy gaming and stay safe!
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