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Hey everyone!

Thank you for your interest in donating and supporting PlayConquer. It is greatly appreciated! :)
In this thread you will find more detailed information regarding our VIP System.

To increase your VIP level in PlayConquer, you can purchase a VIP4 Token in the PlayConquer Store
1x VIP4 Token costs $19,99

You can also contact our Egyptian Distributor HEmO.OO on any game server for help with donations, cps and gold.

With VIP4, you gain all the privileges as shown below, including automatic picking up and opening of CP bags. CPs will go directly into your inventory!
VIP5 and VIP6 also include a small bonus with CPs drop rates.

VIP Services

You can also receive Bonus VIP if you purchase Store Items.
Depending on the amount of Store Items you purchase each month, you will receive a VIP level for that month.
Please keep in mind that you can not transfer Bonus VIP level to other accounts, unlike VIP4 Token subscriptions.

Amount donated and Bonus VIP level
  • $30 - VIP2
  • $40 - VIP3
  • $50 - VIP4
  • $60 - VIP5
  • $70+ - VIP6

We currently only accept cryptocurrencies Bitcoin(BTC) and Litecoin(LTC).
Due to TQ Digital hating us, we unfortunately only have the cryptocurrency method left now.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

We can recommend using the exchanges Coinbase , CoinPayments and Kraken (Depending on your location)
Many players are satisfied using the Coinbase and CoinPayments Phone App (for Android/iPhone) with their donations.

When donating to PlayConquer, you will increase your Permanent VIP level.
In order to be eligible for Permanent VIP level you will need to spend at least $300 in our online store.
Please keep in mind that you can not transfer Permanent VIP Level to other accounts, unlike VIP4 Token subscriptions.

Here are the rates for Permanent VIP level:
$300 - VIP4
$400 - VIP5
$500 - VIP6
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