Market shop update!

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Dear players,

We all like to sell items. Or buy them. This means many players like having a market shop.
Unfortunately there are players who take abuse of this and hoard more than 3 shops.
To those using more than 3 market shops (specially on PlayConquer_EU), starting tomorrow I will begin jailing you

I am done playing market policeman if your dumbass can't count to 3.

أعزائي اللاعبين ، الكل يحب ان يتاجر في الماركت ، وهذا يعني ان جميع اللاعبين يحتاجون لشوب في الماركت، لذلك الكثير يعانون من احتكار البعض لأكثر من ٣ شوبات، لذلك من يستغل اكثر من ٣ شوبات سوف يلقون في السجن خاصةً سيرفر playconquer_EU
Not open for further replies.