Maintenance 2021.09.18

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Maintenance 2021.09.18

To celebrate PlayConquer's 6th year anniversary and the new Soaring Archers Expansion on PlayConquer, a new discount code has been made available! (Normal VIP4 Token Price $19.99 , now $14.99!)
PlayConquer Store:
Discount code: 6YEARS
Note: This code will give you 25% discount on any donation. It will expire on September 25, 2021.

  • Anti-bot

  • New Expansion Storm of Arrows
  • New Wardrobe
  • New Yellow Rune Slots
  • New Yellow Runes
  • Event Grand September Sale
  • Event Archer Super Hero
  • Event War Suit Sprint for Archers
  • Event Archers Privilege Month
  • Event Mo`s Device Array
  • Event Anima Quest
  • Anniversary Packs

Gameplay and interface optimizations
Mysterious Hero Gathering gameplay, players can challenge foreign enemies, defeat them and get various rewards.
Returned Players Reward System, the reward system is automatically triggered after the returning players go online. Returned players can receive a lot of rewards every day and can also buy discounted items at low prices.
New Bulletin and Super Hero System
New Poker Themes

Bug Fix
Secondary (warehouse/bank) password reset
Various client and animation bugs
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