Maintenance 2020.05.10

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Maintenance 2020.05.10

We expect the Inspire Ninja Expansion to be released early June 2020.
We hope you enjoy our update and are staying safe!

  • Anti-bot

  • Event Ultimate Trial
  • Event May Grand Sales
  • Event Anima Quest
  • Event 60DaysSign-inBox
  • One-armed Bandit Icon

  • Game optimization
  • PK Event optimization
  • Character appearance and motion optimized
  • Relic Bosses have been removed from Dragon Island and will now only spawn on Deity Land and Mine.
  • Rune in Cross-server Status

Bug Fix
  • Fixed various client bugs

You can find more information about current events here:

Game optimization
The game client interface and animations have been optimized.

PK Event optimization
Cross-Server CTF (CS-CTF) and Elite PK rewards have been increased. The attribute limit in Elite PK Tournament will be optimized.

Event Anima Quest
Anima Quest will be added in game, you can win various rewards by completing Anima related quest. Click the Anima Quest icon to check out the details.

Event 60DaysSign-inBox
Players who are 2nd rebirth can log in to get a 60 Days Sign-in Box and can open the gift pack once a day to get cool gifts! Don't drop it!

One-armed Bandit Icon
One-armed Bandit icon will be added in game, you can play One-armed Bandit with just one click.

Rune in Cross-server Status
Runes will be effective in Cross-server Status.
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FAQ regarding latest update

Q: When I enter Twin City I get a black screen?
A: Reinstall our game client or download the most recent client patch 1148 here:

Q: 2 new Yellow Runes have been added. When can I use them?
A: The new Yellow Runes NatureShield and VioletShield will be added in the near future.

Q: When will you release Inspire Ninja Expansion?
A: We expect to release it early June 2020.

Q: What can I do with item DragonGlass?
A: You can exchange item DragonGlass with NPC GeoSaurus. The NPC and exchange store will not be removed so save your DragonGlass.

Q: How can I get more DragonGlass?
A: Item DragonGlass will be added to more events in the near future.

Q: What can I do with item AwakeningEmblem?
A: Item AwakeningEmblem was added by mistake. You can just discard it.
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