Maintenance 2020.02.02

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Maintenance 2020.02.02

Our first update of 2020 is now available, enjoy!
We again would like to apologize for the inconvenience of unfortunate delays you've all experienced with our update cycle.

To celebrate the start of 2020 with all of you, a new discount code is now available if you wish to continue supporting our project by donating :)
Your support is always appreciated!

Discount Code: NEWYEAR
PlayConquer Store:

Including the standard Crypto Currency discount, this gives you a total discount of 30%!
Note: This code will give you 20% discount on any donation. It will expire on February 12th.

Scroll down for more detailed patch notes.
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  • Anti-bot

  • Relic Fusion
  • New Relic Boss
  • Battle of Relic
  • New Yellow Runes
  • Poker Omaha
  • New One-armed Bandit
  • New Rune Bonus Intro
  • Event SuperHero Season 2
  • Event New Year Benefits
  • Event New Year Sale

  • Game optimization
  • PK Event optimization
  • Guild Gate and Guild Pole Optimization
  • First Credit Gift optimization

  • Domino

Bug Fix
  • Fixed various client and animation bugs
  • Players can now equip Relics in the Relic slot of their Alternate Equipment tab.

Due to a new protection method for our game files, it may trigger a false positive regarding 'virus/malware' with your anti-virus software. It's advised to temporarily disable, or add an exclusion for our game folder / game files to your anti-virus software as certain game files may be removed while installing the latest update.


Customer Support
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Relic Fusion
You can now fuse 2 Relics into a new one to improve the Relics attributes.
More information:

New Relic Boss
Kill the Boss in Deity Land and you may get a box! Players will need to pay some CPs to open the box to obtain Relics.

Battle of Relic
Players will now have a chance to find Ancient Altar and Relic Bosses when hunting in Deityland and Mine.
You will get Relic Crystal after killing the Boss and you need to pay silver to fuse it into a Relic with at least 4 attributes and 1 Golden attribute.

New Rare Yellow Runes appear!
Players can now get new Rare Yellow Runes by melting rune crystal or purchasing from CP Store later.
More information:

Poker Omaha
New Poker game Omaha is now available. The Omaha tables are in the lower right corner of the Poker room.

New One-Armed Bandit
We have updated the animations of the One-Armed Bandit machines.
More information:

New Rune Bonus Intro
There are now more attributes according to the Improvement of Rune Points in Bonus Intro.

Game optimization
The game client interface and animations have been optimized.
Go to Settings > Skin > select Shining Fashion and click Change for the new game interface style.

PK Event optimization
The rewards for Level 130+ Team PK Tournament, Skill Team PK Tournament, Elite PK Tournament, Weekly PK War, Monthly PK War and Class PK War have been optimized, including new Participation Rewards!
In Elite PK, players are now grouped by Battle Power (BP) instead of Levels. The groups are 300-BP, 301-375BP, 376-450BP and 451+BP.

Guild Gate and Guild Pole optimization
The HP of Guild Gate and Guild Pole will be doubled and the defense of Guild Pole will be increased.

First Credit Gift optimization
The First Credit Gift rewards have been updated with more relevant items.

Event SuperHero Season 2
From February 2nd to February 29th, players can enjoy the second season of SuperHero!
A lot of new reward levels have been added with a maximum of 100 levels. That's a lot of items!
More information:

Event New Year Benefits
New Year Benefits event will be from February 2nd to February 29th.
More information:

Event New Year Sale
From February 2nd to February 29th. many items will be on sale. Spend your money wisely!
More information:
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