Maintenance 2019.05.02

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Maintenance 2019.05.02

Our 10th expansion containing Melting, Tailed Beast, Anima and Thunderstriker is now available! Enjoy! :D

To celebrate another expansion being added to PlayConquer, a new discount code has been made available!
Discount Code: MEGA
PlayConquer Store:

Including the standard Crypto Currency discount, this gives you a total discount of 35%!
Note: This code will give you 25% discount on any donation. It will expire on May 15th.


  • Anti-bot


  • New feature Melting
  • New feature Tailed Beast
  • New feature Anima
  • New Class Thunderstriker
  • New Event May Grand Sales
  • New Event Thunderstriker Gifts Pack
  • New Event Inner Power Sales
  • New Gold Shopping Mall
  • New Hourly Quest
  • New item Spirit Crystal

You can find various guides regarding these new features in our Guides section.
More information:

  • Guild War Adjustment - The Guild Pillar will have better defence.
  • CTF Adjustment - The Flag Base in CTF and CS CTF will have more HP.
  • Weekly PK Adjustment - Players will not be able to gain EXP in Weekly PK map anymore.

To make PK events more fair, we have made some optimizations for some PK events, please check out the details below.

CTF and CS CTF Optimization
During CTF or CS CTF, if a player quits the guild, the points he gained in the CTF will be deducted from the total guild points.
During CTF or CS CTF, if a player quits the guild, his exploits will be cleared, and even if he comes back to the same guild, the exploits will not be recovered.
By the end of CTF or CS CTF, the guilds that have gained 0 points will not be ranked.

Clan War Optimization
When entering the Clan War map, the buffs on the character will be cleared, the skills cool down will be reset.

Event May Grand Sales
The May Grand Sale is coming! It will be from May 2nd to May 30th.
You can exchange up to 210,000 Bound CPs at a 1:3 exchange rate and a lot of items including garments, mounts, hair styles and wings are sold at favorable prices!
More information:

Event Thunderstriker Gifts Pack
All new and Reborn Thunderstriker players can claim a gift pack from May 2nd till May 8th.
More information:

Event Inner Power Sales
Inner Power Sales is back with various Inner Power Books being on sale from May 2nd to May 15th.
You can also trade in Inner Power Books for Potency Points at NPC MysterySage (Twin City / Market 383,383).
More information:

Spirit Crystal
New item Spirit Crystal will be added in Shopping Mall, you can melt it in forging interface and have a chance to get Refined Fantasy Crystal, Normal Infinity Gem, 20 Universal Rune Essences or other precious items.
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