Maintenance 2017.10.24

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Maintenance 2017.10.24

Store Sale 25% Discount Code: EXPANSION (Expires November 1st!)
PlayConquer Store:
Note: The PlayConquer Store will be updated this week with new Garments & Mounts!

New US Server
We are glad to announce our 5th server named Celebration_US!
With the release of the new US server, additional events are available.
More information:

  • Anti-bot

  • New US Server (Celebration_US)
  • Conquer 3.0 New Expansion Update
  • Event CP Shower
  • Event Grand Sales
  • Event Chasm of Chaos
  • Event Perfection Carnival
  • Event Egyptian Uniform

Conquer 3.0 New Expansion Update
The new 3.0 expansion has been implemented! You can find more information about all the changes here: (Guide)
Note: If you are unable to find a NPC, use the PathFinding feature!

Event CP Shower
Increased CP Bag Drop Rate ("CP Shower") has been activated and will last till Thursday's server maintenance.

Event Grand Sales
To celebrate the release of the new expansion, all kinds of valuable packs, hot items, garments, mount armors and equipment are on sale during Oct. 24th - Nov. 13th. All are at very competitive price. Go to have a look and choose the desired items!
Note: The new US Server Celebration_US is excluded from this event!
More information:

Event Chasm of Chaos
A new hunting area has been released. Players can talk with Daily Quest Envoy to transport to Dragon Island and find Yu Koon in the map. Yu Koon will send you to a new hunting area -- Giant Chasm.
More information:

Event Perfection Carnival
The Perfection Carnival will help you upgrade your perfection level faster. This event will run from Oct. 24th till Nov. 15th.
More information:

Event Egyptian Uniform
Congratulations on reaching the World Cup's knockout stage! The Egypt Jersey will be available after the server maintenance!
More information:
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