Maintenance 2017.08.10

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

We've been through a lot these 2 years together.
Thousands of players coming, going and enjoying themselves with PlayConquer.
We are happy to have you all with us and now it's time for us to give back some of that love!
Clear this months schedule because you are going to be busy with playing.
We will be starting with a CP Shower today that will last till Sunday!

Website Store Sale
Ever thought of making a Store purchase?
Why not use this special code AUGUSTSALE and get 25% discount!
You can fill in the code AUGUSTSALE after adding an item to your Cart.
Check out the Store here:
Note: This discount code will expire at 2017-08-17.

As you are expected of us, below are the Patch Notes for this server maintenance.

Maintenance 2017.08.10

  • Anti-bot

  • August Sales
  • Event CP Shower

  • Store Sale

August Sales
From August 10th to August 23rd, everything is for sale!
Demon Boxes, + Stones, Permanent Stones, Chi Pills, Jiang Hu Pills, Gems, Garments, Mount Armors and more!
More information:

Event CP Shower
Increased CP Bag Drop Rate ("CP Shower") has been activated and will last till Sunday's server maintenance.
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