Increase in cheating


Customer Support
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Dear players,

As with every expansion we release, we have noticed an increase in cheating. Mainly auto-hunt bot/proxy.
I am checking all the game servers and maps daily for cheaters at random times and have caught about 300 in the past 48 hours.
They have all been permanently banned from accessing PlayConquer.

Here are some quick tips to spot a cheater!
  • CP Bags drop on floor since no VIP4+
  • Instant use CP bags / EXPBalls when picked up
  • Bound Starterpack items only
  • Archer class in Ape City/Desert City/Phoenix Castle/Bird Island Maps

If you do spot a cheater, leave me a private message on discord or open a support ticket on the website with the character name and server. Thank you!

PS: Sorry for the delay with any pending support tickets, this took up some time sadly (and fixing arena qualifier etc.), I will be online full power mode this and next week, speed run all the tickets