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Hunting.. Hunting.. Hunting.. One of the things we all do on PlayConquer, is hunt!

The best class for hunting is the Archer class. If you are new to PlayConquer, it is advised to create an Archer.
Their Scatter Skill is able to kill multiple monsters at once, which means more gold, items, CP Bags and EXPBalls!
You maybe already know about the gold and items, but here on PlayConquer the monsters also drop CP Bags and EXP Balls. That's pretty cool, right?

Note: Try killing monsters that are within 20 levels of your own character level to obtain the best drop rate possible!

When you create a character, we give you a ProsperityPack, 1075CPs (Bound) and 10 EXPBalls.
Before leaving Twin City you should be very close to reaching level 70 already!

Walk, fly or scroll your way to Ape City and start your adventure by killing monsters.
Within a few kills you may find your very first CPBag drop!
Hunting CPs is the most profitable way of becoming strong and rich in PlayConquer.

There are 2 variations of CPBags. The GreenCPBag (5CP) and the TanCPBag(25CP).

Perhaps manually hunting all the time sounds a bit boring after a while. This is where Auto-Hunt may come in handy.
You can use this feature for free the moment you create a character!

However, we do offer certain extra features for VIP4(-6) players.
One of these extra features is Auto-Pick Up (Including CPBags AND EXPBalls!)

At PlayConquer, donations are optionable, not mandatory.

If you are interested in becoming a VIP player, check out the VIP Guide or Store (Click here!).
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