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Game Rules

Naming Rules
In your exciting travels in the world of PlayConquer games, you'll be given the choice to provide a fitting name for your character. This is your chance to make a name that will show the world your style and flair (and maybe even tickle a funnybone or two)! This isn't the only naming you'll be able to do, as you can name your guild/legion, clan/family, or pets! While we want you to be creative and love your names, we do ask that you show some discretion and taste in the names you choose.

Some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a name:
- No racial/ethnic/national based epithets or slurs
- No sexual or violent references or terms (extreme or otherwise)
- No vulgar or obscene language.
- No harassing or defamatory references to players, PlayConquer, or PlayConquer employees.
- No advertising of other games, websites, companies, organizations, or other non-PlayConquer related entities.
- Gibberish or nonsensical words
- Netspeak or other non-English languages

There are a variety of ways that we can punish players who break these rules, and these include a warning, forced alteration of forbidden character/guild/clan/pet name, suspension or temporary/permanent isolation.

Purchases and Services
Store purchases, CP Points and VIP Subscription purchases are final. They are not refundable and not able to be exchanged.
Any unauthorized chargeback will result in a ban of the accounts registered and/or linked to each other.

Accounts Abuse
Trading of in-game items, accounts and CP Points.
- Buying, trading or selling of accounts for in-game compensation or other compensation outside of the game.
- Buying or selling items, accounts, and CP Points for money or other compensation outside of the game.
- Promoting/advertising the buying or selling of items, accounts, and CP Points for money or compensation outside the game.
- Should you incur any loss as a result of out of game trading or trading for real life money, PlayConquer is not responsible and will not support or investigate these transactions. The data and information on the game servers is the property of PlayConquer and cannot be bought or sold without the written permission of PlayConquer.

Hacking Accounts
To provide players with a better gaming environment, PlayConquer will severely punish all players found to be responsible for stealing an account. Players may also be punished for purposely allowing an account to be hacked, falsely claiming an account to be stolen, or assisting in the theft of an account. PlayConquer also reserves the right to pursue legal action in these cases, and may investigate how they choose. Players may be asked to provide specific information while an investigation for account theft is ongoing.

Sharing Accounts
Your account is where your characters, game items, and any other data are stored. Someone with the password for an account is free to access characters, inventory, and all other aspects of your account information. If someone logs into an account using the valid password, changes made to the characters or account information may not be reversible, nor is PlayConquer liable for any damage that occurs.

Harassment and Abuse
While you play PlayConquer, whether in public chat (World and Talk) or Broadcast, harassment is not allowed. This includes both clear and implied language, as well as languages other than English.

Harassment and abuse includes:
- Vulgar language and obscenities.
- Slander, defamatory speech, insults, or flames against players or PlayConquer employees.
- Subjects of an extremely sexual or violent nature.
- Racial, ethnic, or national slurs and symbols.
- Slurs or insults relating to sexual orientation.
- Speech involving negative references/portrayals of major religions or religious figures.
- Releasing real-life information or threats involving violence outside of the game world.
- Slandering or encouraging negative views or actions against players, the game, or company, in PlayConquer games, websites, or forums.
- Spamming of public chats (World and Talk) or Broadcast, which can be defined as excessively repeating the same or similar phrases, incoherent text or gibberish, or repeating the same speech more than once in a short time.
- Impersonating system announcements/GM/PlayConquer employee to scam or harass others in or outside the game.
- Promotion or advertising of non-PlayConquer related games, businesses, organizations, or websites.

Third party programs, Cheats, Bots, Hacks, and Client Editing
A 3rd party program is any file or program not contained in the official game client or software, used to gain an advantage or benefit in the game. This includes, but is not limited to, programs or devices that allow the ability to automatically aim at specific targets, increase speed, visual range, automate the leveling of skills or actions in the game, or to manipulate the data between your computer and the servers, among others. Not only are these programs not in the best interests of the game or community, they can often cause unwanted effects to the game or contain harmful viruses or keyloggers. If caught, you run the risk of losing your items, character, or maybe even the account.

This includes, but is not limited to:
- Using, distributing, or promoting the use of bots, hacks, or other 3rd party programs that alter the game-play or provide functions not available in the official client.
- Use of macros or outside devices that would allow automation of your character, or allows functions not available in an unmodified client.
- Editing the game client in any way. For example, by adding or removing files from the official client, changing settings through editing game files, changing colors or visual game effects, changing or modifying the GUI, etc...

Abuse of In-game Bugs or Exploits of Game Features
Abuse of in-game bugs or exploits of game features, which would include any actions or activities not intended by game design, which can affect the economy, the client, player characters, or the community. These types of exploits and abuse can have an enormous impact on the game and the enjoyment of the players. As such, we take these issues seriously, and will not hesitate to take necessary action against those choosing to partake in this behavior.

These things include, but are not limited to:
- Bugs or exploits performed accidentally, intentionally, maliciously, or repeatedly.
- Damages caused to characters, game-play, game economy, or service of the game.
- Abuse of game mechanics and systems or promotion/advertising of said bug/exploit.
- Spreading, utilizing, or causing Game Bugs

A scam is defined as the act of acquiring items or accounts from another person through deceptive, deceitful, or fraudulent means. We do our best to provide secure means to trade and play without worry, but you may come across other players who may try to trick or cheat you while trading or through other means.

This can include promoting fake websites that advertise free items or accounts in-game, installing hidden viruses from unofficial or dangerous websites and programs, players asking to "borrow" your accounts or items by promising to upgrade them, or players impersonating PlayConquer employees threatening action if you don't give them something.

If you are scammed in the game, you should contact a GM to report your case. While we cannot guarantee full reimbursement in all cases, we will do our best to verify your case and assist you as we can.

In order to prevent players from carelessly trading or playing without regard to their account and item security, we cannot accept all scam cases submitted.

We encourage our players to always take steps to protect your accounts and items while enjoying the game.

- Be sure to always verify what you are trading with other players. Some players may try to act like they are lagging or constantly change the price or quality of items. Always double check the trade box before clicking Ok. Buyers, beware!
- Do not take part in trades over different servers or games.
- Use Secondary (Warehouse/Bank) Password for more security.
- Leave your account(s) unguarded in public situations (such as Internet Cafe)
- Be sure to keep your account and items safe by not sharing them with others. In the digital world, you should never trust someone you don't really know with your hard earned items and characters. Never give away something that you aren't willing to lose.
- Keep your account information and password secret, and do not share it with others.
- Real PlayConquer employees will never ask you for items or gold, or promise to give you aid for you to give up items or account information.

GM Interaction
Should a GM contact you in-game, they will always have a distinct look that separates them from normal players. This is the best way to be sure you're speaking with a real GM, and not someone just impersonation one. Should anyone claim to be a GM without having this unique look, you should report them to us immediately at the Help Desk or through our service email.

You may be contacted by a GM to be asked to cease certain behavior, warned for violations, or possibly about a submitted case. You should always obey GM instructions, and be as cooperative as possible until the issue can be resolved. We do our best to maintain a positive and enjoyable atmosphere in the game, and we hope our players share the same attitude.

We ask that you do not harass or constantly pester the GMs you see in-game or have contact with while handling submitted cases. Excessive use of foul language, begging the GM for items or in-game rewards, abusive messages or petitions, or repeatedly submitting petitions for old/closed cases will not speed the resolution of your issue, and could result in the account being penalized.

Here is a sum-up of the actions which are not allowed:
- Threatening Game Master
Threatening a Game Master because of his or her actions or position as a Game Master.
- Pretending to Have Influence on Rule Enforcement
Pretending to be a Game Master or to have influence on the decisions of a Game Master.
- False Report to Game Master
Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to a Game Master concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations.

Consent to Monitor: Please note that, when running our game, PlayConquer may monitor your computer's random access memory ("RAM"), media access control ("MAC") address, configuration files and system files, etc., for unauthorized third party programs running concurrently with your PlayConquer game which, in PlayConquer's sole determination: (i) enable or facilitate cheating of any type; (ii) allow users to modify or hack the applicable PlayConquer game interface, environment, and/or experience in any way not expressly authorized by PlayConquer; or (iii) intercept, "mine" or otherwise collect information from or through the applicable PlayConquer game (an "Unauthorized Third Party Program").
In the event that a PlayConquer game detects an Unauthorized Third Party Program, (a) the PlayConquer game may communicate information back to PlayConquer, including without limitation your PlayConquer Account username, details about the Unauthorized Third Party Program detected and the activities or functions performed thereby, and/or details about your computer, and/or (b) PlayConquer may exercise any or all of its rights and remedies under this Agreement or the applicable PlayConquer game end user license agreement without prior notice to the user linked to such Unauthorized Third Party Program.

PlayConquer reserves the right to change these rules at any time.
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