Game Adjustments August 7th 2019

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Game Adjustments

New Chi System
The Chi System interface will be upgraded.
(2) New feature Chi Level will be added, your Chi Level will grow when you consume Chi Points in Chi System, Chi Level will give a lot of benefits like Bonus Attributes, Minimum Score, Extra Daily Free Chi Points, Chi Cost Reduction, etc.
(3) Since both Chi Level and Chi Ranking provide Bonus Attributes, only the higher bonus from Chi Level or Chi Ranking will apply.
(4) If your Chi Score is higher than 360, you will gain corresponding Chi Level automatically.
(5) There will be new rewards when you study Chi.
(6) The retreat time of Frozen Chi Pill will be extended to 30 days, and it can not be replaced by 4000 Chi Points anymore.

Anima Battle Power Adjustment
P10 to P18 Animas will provide your character with more Battle Power and the Animas will provide more compose attribute boost, 200% compose attribute boost at most!

Silver Store in Poker Room
A Silver Store NPC will be added at Poker Room (202,153).

Soul Shackle Optimization
Skill Soul Shackle will be optimized, it will have a chance to shackle any player despite BP difference.

Lottery Optimization
The Lottery system will be optimized.

Tailed Beast Food Optimization
The chance to get Ginseng Fruit by killing monsters will be higher.
(2) There will be more Tailed Beast Food drop from the Bosses in Dragon Island and Deityland.

Deityland Bosses Spawn Optimization
Deityland Bosses will spawn more often after the update.

Adjustments about Guild War
The Health (HP) of the Guild Pole will be changed to 120,000,000
(2) During Guild War, the real-time Health (HP) amount of the Guild Pole will be displayed.
(3) The color of the HP bar will change according to the amount of HP left.
(4) The Guild War result information will be displayed timely.

First Credit Gifts Optimization
In First Credit Gifts, Meteor Scroll will be changed to Ginseng Fruit and Dragon Ball will be changed to +3 Stone (B).


Thunder Striker Rare Red Runes

  • Description: Increases the upper limit of Undying Imprinting by 1 and enables you to resist fatal attack once in the XP status.

Rare Yellow Runes

  • Description: Passive: Attacking a hero will reduce his XP energy

Divine Shield
  • Description: Has a 30% chance to reduce the magic damage received

Reverse Magic
  • Description: Being attacked has a chance to clear the attacker`s XP energy and end his XP status.

Tacit Strike
  • Description: When hitting a hero equipped with [Barrier], adds Break and damage based on your BP gap, at most disabling [Barrier] without extra damage.

  • Description: Being attacked will reduce the attacker`s chance of triggering weapon`s passive skill

Deadly Sight
  • Description: Increases your Hit Accuracy even if you have 0 Agility.

  • Description: Attacking a hero has a chance to ignore the effect of Water Taoist`s [Azure Shield], inflicting full damage.

  • Description: Attacking an enemy has a chance to ignore the effect of his [Immortal Force].

Tidal Wave
  • Description: Attacking a hero will increase your XP energy by 1 point every 5 sec.

Life Drain
  • Description: Launching magic attacks on an enemy has a 10% chance to drain his blood and restore your HP

Blood Feast
  • Description: Launching physical attacks on an enemy has a chance to drain his blood and restore your HP by 10,000 points.
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