[FEATURE] Unlock FPS (60 FPS)

i think there is something not right
HD does not go higher then 19 FPS when im at Twin city
the more players the lower FPS
im not using the build in graphics so it should be just nothing when im on HD
i mean how i can play HD games like
Dead Space 3
Crysis 2
Assassins Creed Brotherhood
Sleeping Dogs
and im running these games on mid and high graphics and they working fine with 3D
in same time a game does not have any 3D graphics is running with that low FPS
this image should show the screen size i use
is conquer has a higher graphics then this

is a just 2D game stronger then a 3D game like this

is a low graphics or almost no graphics game need stronger PC who is can do this ?

when you understand come back and reply
oh my god lol
i found an option by luck (FPS settings)
it was at normal FPS when i changed it to high FPS no im getting up tp 93 FPS
i think im in a dream lol
93 FPS :O SD not low and still not high
may be if i pick low i might get 120 FPS :p

by the way
where the **** am i
i think im lost around here


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when you enter areas populated by players its normal for your fps to drop.
And this explains why your fps completely sucked.
Whats your fps at in populated area's now that you found out how to unlock it.