[FEATURE] Unlock FPS (60 FPS)


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PlayConquer has a built in unlocked fps feature! To take advance of this simply start conquer in "High Definition" mode, and Conquer will now be running at 60 FPS.

If it's stuck at 40 FPS still, make sure that you run Play.exe as admin before selecting High Definition mode.
my fps here 7~12 in conquer online is 25~50 how can i increase it here,i open game with high defination and in game i confirm high fps what else can i do ?
i dont have the file play.exe in the client
the FPS 13 - 21 some times 29
and dont say my PC is not good
main board G41MT-S2PT REV 2.1
graphics Nividia GeForce 210
CPU dual core CPU E5700 3.0Ghz cach memory 2MB
Ram 4 GB
Windows 10 home pro X64
dont make me say ****
if i have the insall file i wont ask for a single file
i got the client from a friend
no way 900 MB is a little to big for my connection my usage is 10 GB for the month
i have to think wise before i download any thing due my internet is limited


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I was under the assumption that since you had most likely downloaded the installer that you would still have it, sorry. You could always ask for the play.exe from your friend that gave you the then. ;)
the client from him was already missing the file
what the problem if someone upload it for me
or send it
i got the file some how
now its better
40 FPS max
trying to run as admin is not possible

im not usre if that the real file or its fake
the anti virus say its safe but windows say no