[EVENT]Dominating Taoists - Taoists Privilege Month

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The month where Taoists rule them all. Check out the Taoist events below!

Privilege Month Benefits:
  1. In the Class PK War every Monday, the Taoist Champion will gain extra rewards: 3000 Potency Points and 3000 Chi Points.
  2. In the Team PK Tournament and Skill Team PK Tournament, if the champion team leader is a Taoist, the leader will receive extra rewards: 3000 CPs (B) and 1 L2 Mythsoul Pack.

Privilege Month Events:
The promotional packs for Taoists will be on sale in the game, and you can take the privilege month quest.
Find Ethereal Taoist in Twin City at 372,436. (Near Shop 40)

Duration: April 1 - May 1

Equipment for sale:
  • P7 Backsword Box 3999 CPs
  • P6 Backsword Box 1199 CPs
  • P7 Crane Cap Box 3999 CPs
  • P6 Crane Cape Box 1199 CPs
  • P7 Royal Gown Box 3999 CPs
  • P6 Royal Gown Box 1199 CPs


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Taoist Spirit Training: Pass the Training

Quest Name: Dominating Taoists - the World Boss

Duration: April 1 - April 14
Requirement: Level 80 and the Taoist Class after rebirth
Key NPC: Jinxu Taoist (Twin City 340,475), True Fire Furnace (Twin City 340,480)

Detailed Walkthrough:

1. Collect Taoist Tools & Train Your Tao Spirit

Talk to Jinxu Taoist to take the Tao Spirit Training. Defeat the Elements Spirits to pass the training and claim your rewards.
You’ll receive an extra Unsullied Heart if you pass all 6 floors.
Use it to summon the world boss, Grey Madame, and get abundant rewards from it as well!

2. Defeat Grey Madame for Tao Spirit Boxes
Grey Madame will appear at the gate of Twin City at 12:00 & 18:00 (Server Time) every day. You may also use an Unsullied Heart to summon Grey Madame at any other time. Defeat her to get Tao Spirit Boxes.

3. Refine Unsullied Hearts in True Fire Furnace
If you want to collect more Unsullied Hearts, pay some CPs to refine some in the True Fire Furnace!

Quest Tips:
  1. You can only challenge the 1st floor if you don’t have any Taoist Tool. Collect 1 Taoist Tool to unlock the 2nd floor. Collect 2 Taoist Tools to unlock the 3rd floor, and so forth. You may take the training up to 3 times a day no matter you pass it or not.
  2. If someone has opened an Unsullied Heart within 1 hour. You won’t be able to summon Grey Madame if you open it again, but you can still get the rewards from it.


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Taoist Tool Sprint

NPC: Mike at Twin City 368,396 (Near Shop 33)
Duration: April 1 - April 22
Requirement: Taoist Class and Tool Sprint Token

1. Pebbles on Sale
NPC Mike sells Pebbles at favorable prices, you may get a refund if you’re lucky enough.

2. Daily Quest Rewards
Complete the quest Upgrade Taoist Tool every day to get quality rewards!

Daily Quest - Reward
  • Use Orient Pebbles to upgrade the Taoist Tool for 5 times. - 1 Polar Pebble
  • Use Dipper Pebbles to upgrade the Taoist Tool for 3 times. - 3 Polar Pebbles
  • Use Focus Pebbles to upgrade the Taoist Tool for 3 times. - 10 Polar Pebbles
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