Deluxe House Building

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Deluxe House Building

Players who own a class 5 house can upgrade their house to class 6.
There are 2 ways to upgrade your house to class 6 and players can upgrade by paying 8,999 CPs directly or gathering the Class 6 House Pack form some quests (like Evil Labyrinth, Dis City, Battlefield Heroes and Treasure in the Blue).
You can also purchase Class 6 House Reward Pack from Honor Store and Horse Racing Store.
Note: Class 6 House Reward Pack only can open up to 3 times in 1 day.

Once you upgrade house to class 6, there are some new functions which you can enjoy in your house, like farming, mature your pet and decorate your house with new shining furniture.
But players need to gather relevant item to NPC to release these functions.
You also can pay some CPs to release these functions directly.

Players can plant something in their farm by talking with gardener NPC.
There are many kinds of seeds which you can purchase from gardener NPC, like Life Fruit Seed, EXP Fruit Seed, Chi Fruit Seed, Frozen Chi Fruit Seed, Unique Spirit Herb Seed and Epic Spirit Herb Seed etc.

If you want more space to plant, talk to Gardener NPC to expand the space of the farm. It needs to consume some Class 6 House Pack or pay CPs directly.

Talk with “?” NPC to unlock the garden which heroes can feed pet in there.
It is required to consume 120 Class 6 House Packs or 1,999 CPs to unlock the function.
Once you unlock the garden, you can begin to feed your pet in the Garden.

Talk to pet nurse hatches pet egg, feed pet and view pet’s growth status. There are 8 kinds of egg which you can choose.
Once the pet is matured, the pet will transfer into the furniture. Players can set these unique furnitures in your house.

Moon Platform
Talk to Moon Fairy NPC, she will deliver you to the Moon Kiss Platform directly.
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