1. M

    to be in the top again plz read it all

    wish you all a good day hope you read it all Gouki i will suggest you some thing first the game need to get a lot of new players by ads or anything else second we need events at least 2 in month third you can make like conquer online by having Distributor specially in countries like Egypt...

    Forums Trading Section

    Hello people of PlayConquer, I think it could be helpfull if the forums had a trading section with a subforum for "Selling", "Buying" and "Trading" so people can find offers/trades for items that are not sold on a daily basis. This could be helpfull for high equipment or permanent offers for...
  3. scream1

    The topics suggestions are useless?

    I see several topics with good ideas to the server and no is deployed on the server, you only put things that appear in Conquer Online 3.0, most things there are good but to conquer pirate like the PlayConquer some events are useless. You must focus on our needs are items to Perfection that is...
  4. Synister

    'Bonus VIP' Revamp Idea

    Disclaimer: This is just a suggestion. To find how the Bonus VIP currently works, click here! This idea is in reference to this thread regarding monthly credit bonuses. Currently it feels underwhelming, and encourages players to buy and sell VIP4's, which most likely leads to an increase of...
  5. M

    A simple suggestion

    Since DB drops are 'low', what about letting us know when it drops by sending the player a system message like [You have dropped a DB] or something similar. I'm sure that is pretty simple to do and may help a lot of hunters. Thanks in advance.
  6. K

    Some more fun?

    First let me explain this: I am having much fun from this server I hope everyone do. Hunting for cps and spending em on poker/onearmedbandit/trading etc. this is cool and fun. but sometimes its getting bored while hunting; -Green cp bags are hard to see on BI(green floor kinda exhausting) it can...