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  • xiao im have 7 acc hass banned for ever and all +12 whyyyyyy ?
    can u help me im dont sll cp out site game and also dont play prog why got banned bro <
    ياناس حد يلحقني انا اشتريت في اي بي اربعة من واحد جوة اللعبة ب 12مليار ونص ضربتوا اول لليلة سحور تاني يوم الي هوة اول يوم رمضان سبت الاميل اوتو جالي رسالة دوست اوك طلعتني من اللعبة جاي ادخل مالقتش الفي اي بي 4 لقيت الفي اي بي العادي ياجماعا حد يقولي اعمل اية بليييي
    Hi today when i opened my nob market in twin city . some one killed me in plunder war in twin city and then my items fell on the ground how it can be i lost boot +8 and 3 dbscroll and 20 expball . i restarted my account and i opened it again and some one killed me again and i lost club elite +8 in twin city i need my stuff please again
    There is some bug with monks (correct me, if i am wrong) and pk status. They can PK anyone who suits capture mode.
    Hi Pro i need help i report for my account please help me becsue back account raply my rebort please
    Hello@xiao9 Can you help me oh Conquer play I Account cheek Ban Can you make me happy
    viros2014 and viros2010 and viros2011 and viros2012 and viros2013 plz chick again i`m just make 1 vote evry day check that again and you can see i`m sure you have problem to me my acc have voteing show again plz i`m wait
    ana amyl atsr8wm4 3rf arg3wo bs m3yh albryd mmkn a8ly a3ml ayh bs algwoab m4 m3h bs m3yh alr8m aly ana '3yrtwo byh mn sa3to m3mltwo
    i can`t found my itesm +8 and 2 token VIP4 in my noop i dont know how i`m logoff my acc was have all now when i open just same noop items and lost cps help me my noop is viros2012 name in game MARKET2
    you can see if it tradet or whats happen call me plz
    I entered all my calculations jail for no reason, and I ask you to be crumpled Bulbges Lam because I do anything contrary to the rules of the game and I ask Your Excellency to release the account, which is named mohamedsalah0
    The account other mohamedsalah00
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